What is MFT

Leave Your Legacy

My Final Testament is the first company of it’s kind, offering a unique service for people wanting to touch the lives of their loved ones.  Even after death.  It was after a tragic loss of a dear friend that the founder of MFT wanted to create a way to communicate final thoughts to family, friends and loved ones.

Imagine for a moment that you have passed to eternity. You know the pain your friends and love ones will be experiencing. What can you do about it then?  NOTHING.  But NOW, you have the ability to send them a private and encouraging message for them to see anytime.  From beyond the grave you will offer a sense of closure, hope, and perhaps even peace.  You might even be able to help them through the grieving process.  The common thing you hear from people  when a loved one has passed is, “…if I only had more time, one more day, just one last chance”.  Take advantage now  and give them this.

My Final Testament allows its users to create a private profile.  Creating a private profile allows you to create private messages to send to 10 individuals.  MFT encourages its users to attach photos and videos that may help relay your message further.  Its a hard truth to face that we may die someday, but with MFT you can make sure your family and friends have one last opportunity to connect with you.You can also submit a message to be posted on your favorite social media website (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Etc.).  Take a second to think about some of the things you have posted….what if those were your last?  They don’t have to be now…

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